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Recently I read and greatly enjoyed a book written by Andrea Boeshaar (The Lighthouse Brides Collection), so I invited her to be a guest on my blog. I hope you enjoy this fun interview she sent me. Make sure you stay tuned to the very end. We\’ve got a sweet surprise for you!



When did you decide that you would be an author? Was it something you fell into or felt called to?
I knew I would be a writer when I was in 4th grade. It was then that I wrote my first “novel” called “Little Miss Mouse.” I still have it. It’s hilarious to read now, but I realized I wanted to write as a child.
What’s your pet peeve? 
Incompetence!  I absolutely have a meltdown when I encounter incompetence. On the other hand, I don’t tolerate it in myself. If I find I have been incompetent in a certain area, I’m very hard on myself. Beat myself up (figuratively). However, the truth is, life has its learning curves. No one of us can be expert in all things all the time. We’re learning and growing each day. So I’m learning to be gracious to others when they don’t meet either my expectations or industry standards because I fall short of God’s glory and expectations and He is always gracious and forgiving to me.

What was your most embarrassing moment as a writer? 
When I realized that my book was published and it was filled with mistakes. My copyeditor and the proofreader hadn’t caught them—and neither had I. I was ashamed. The novel had gone out to distributors—and to this day that copy can be purchased. Unfortunately, I have received poor reviews because there are errors in the text. The book was released in 2001-2002 and I vowed at that time to learn to be my own toughest critique partner and proofreader.

What has been your most difficult challenge as an author? 
To have an “attitude of gratitude” when it comes to publishing my work. I had always dreamed of being like Francine Rivers or Robin Lee Hatcher—BIG NAME authors who are contracted with BIG NAME publishers. But I believe that God has opened marvelous doors of opportunity with smaller publishers. As for fame—I had to ask myself “who am I trying to glorify, myself or the Lord?” The answer: The Lord! After I got this matter settled in my soul, I received three publishing contracts in one year!

How do you process rejections and/or negative reviews? 
I used to get upset about them, but now I can shrug them off. Books are so subjective. I may enjoy a particular book, movie, TV show, or music, but you hate it. It works the same way with reviewers. Recently, I got a three-star review because, the reader wrote, I hadn’t effectively set up the romance between the hero and heroine. I disagree, and my guess is this particular reviewer speed-read my novel. She probably missed the very thing she said was missing in the story. And that’s fine. As Taylor Swift sang… “Shake It Off.”

What do you feel is the best success so far in your writing career? 
I’ve been blessed with several “successes.” Below is one of them. I received an email from a young woman in Russia who was reading Hidden Things. Below is a part of what she wrote to me:
I have been studying English for seven years. My best dream ever was can speak, write and listen English. Time ago I found your books in internet. I was so impressed by your way of thinking!! I was compleatly charming! And everything thank to your personality! You are the wisest author I have ever read! Your good works dont let me give up studying English! When I am feel so bad and helpless I open your website and watch covers of your books. It is reassuring and i feel able to study again. You are who give me the power of spirit to go ahead. And you are beautiful woman! I know you are very strong person and very talented author. One day I would love to be like you – beautiful, intelligent, wonderful!!! You are unlike the others. There is something about you. You are the queen of the genre. You are truly master of writing. Thank you very much for inspiration! 
As you can imagine, I was touched to the heart by this reader’s email. It made all my hard work worth it. To me, this represents the epitome of success–blessing others.
What would be your top three pieces of advice to newer, up-and-coming authors? 
Three things:
·          Invest in a good substantive edit, whether you’re self-publishing or submitting to an editor at a publishing house.  Anybody can read your story and give you his/her opinion. The more readers you get, the more opinions you’ll get and you will feel overwhelmed and confused. However, an expert can give you professional advice that will lead to publication.
·         Don’t give up. Keep writing. As the adage goes, “Writing is re-writing.”
Which leads me to my last point:
Have an open mind and be willing to revise your manuscript. No author, no matter how established or how famous, writes perfect copy. Published authors revise and rewrite their manuscripts based on content edits they receive from professional editors. So don’t be unwilling to take a new, fresh look at your manuscript and revise it. In the end, you’ll be pleased you did.

As a Christian author, what would you like your legacy to be?
I hope that my work has both evangelized and brought Christ to lost souls and edified Christians on their spiritual journey.

What is your current work in process?

Presently, I am writing Too Deep for Words which is book 2 in my Shenandoah Valley Saga (Kregel Publications). This book is slated to release in November 2016.

Andrea Boeshaar

Andrea Boeshaar has been married for nearly 40 years. She and her husband Daniel have 3 wonderful sons, 1 beautiful daughter-in-law, and 5 precious grandchildren. Having a heart for other writers, Andrea co-founded ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and served on its Advisory Board for a number of years. Her latest historical novel, A Thousand Shall Fall (Kregel Publications), releases in late November and a contemporary novella collection, Seasons of Love (Prism Book Group), releases just before Christmas.

You may find Andrea online at these places:

Twitter: @AndreaBoeshaar
Facebook: facebook.com/Andrea.Boeshaar
About A Thousand Shall Fall
In the autumn of 1864, spirited Carrie Ann Bell is searching for her runaway sister in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Disguised as a Yankee soldier, she stumbles into a skirmish near Front Royal—and instead of her sister, she finds trouble.

Colonel Peyton Collier of the Union cavalry division arrests her for impersonating an officer, but protects her from worse consequences. Soon the Southern girl finds herself drawn to the chivalrous Yankee horseman, discovering that her foe has become her ally—and more than that, someone she could love.
But Carrie has promised to keep a dark secret, never suspecting that her silence might threaten the life of the gallant Colonel who holds her—and her heart—captive.

Andrea, thank you for being my guest this month! I was especially touched by the letter from the young Russian woman. How inspiring to know your books had such an impact on her life!

Friends, here’s your chance to ask Andrea Boeshaar any writing related question that\’s on your heart today. What would you like to know about writing or Andrea’s books and writing journey in particular?

Here comes the sweet surprise:

Andrea has graciously agreed to host a giveaway! Each person who comments AND includes their email address will be entered to win. She is offering one (1) copy of her book A Thousand Shall Fall to one of my readers. Will that person be you?

The contest closes on Thursday, November 19, 2015. The winner will be contacted via email. They will be announced on next week’s article. Only residents of the United States are eligible to win, due to shipping costs.

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