A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

As an influencer for Carrie Turansky, I received a copy of A Refuge at Highland Hall in exchange for my honest review. Thank you, Carrie!
Now that I got the business stuff out of the way, let me dig in to the meat of this story.
First of all, it’s the final installment in the Edwardian Brides series. This series should be read in order for optimum reader appreciation. I was glad I read it from beginning to end, because I got to know the characters and watched them grow from one book to the next. What a cool experience. A lot of books leave you wondering what could have happened to the characters you fell in love with, but Carrie Turansky took us on a journey further into the lives of her dear, fictional friends.
One thing she’s mastered well (among many others, I assure you) is growing her characters across a series. In the first book, The Governess of Highland Hall, I must say Kate was quite a snob. But she really came into her own in the second book, The Daughter of Highland Hall. Now, in A Refuge at Highland Hall, it’s her sister Penny’s turn to shine.
And shine she does.
Penny Ramsey helps welcome her sister and the group of orphans she’s become a mother to into Highland Hall in the midst of World War I, even as she watches the man she’s come to care for fly into battle. Will the war end before her heart rips apart? Will everyone she loves who has taken part in fighting to protect her country return home once all is said and done?
It was a sad moment when I finished this book. Not because the story was sad, but because I hated to say goodbye to these lovely characters and their home of Highland Hall. Seriously, if you haven’t met them, you should. So, please. Add the Edwardian Brides series by Carrie Turansky to your to-be-read-immediately pile. You’ll be glad you did.
Just in case that wasn’t convincing enough, there’s more that I loved about this story.
Carrie Turansky
The clear and detailed description and action of Alex Goodwin flying in the war, fighting against gunfire and Zeppelins, was so intricately written that I got lost in the scene and forgot I was curled up in my recliner. Oh yeah. Carrie Turansky got me again. Many times I found myself giggling, crying, gasping, and who knows what other sounds came out of my mouth before this book was up. But did I look around to see if anyone was looking? Okay, so maybe I did once. But that was when I was reading in the check-out line at Wal-Mart. This book was too good to leave in the car. It’s really too bad I can’t read and shop at the same time. You know, while I’m searching for the items I need. Yeah, if anyone figures out how to do that, let me know. Please!
So, to sum it all up, A Refuge at Highland Hall might be finishing up a series, but it also found its way to my heart… and my keeper shelf.

Friends, which book series has crept so deep into your heart that you were sad when it ended? Please share in the comments. You never know when you’ll inspire someone else to pick up one of your favorites!

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2 thoughts on “A Refuge at Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

  1. Tamera Alexander, Susan May Warren and Ronie Kendig are three of my favorite \”series\” writers. Three very different writers with very similar skills. I too, read and reviewed this series by Carrie and totally agree that she developed, maintained and grew these wonderful characters.

  2. Rebecca, thanks for chiming in today. I've only read a few books by Tamera, Susan, and Ronie, but I must agree: very talented ladies. Hope you'll stop in again next week. Blessings!

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