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Hello friends! It is my pleasure to introduce you to Jill Kemerer. Her posts to Facebook often make me smile, as does her blog (I hope you’ll check it out!), so of course I just had to ask her to be my guest.

Inspired by a Rarely Used Room
by Jill Kemerer


Ah, the formal dining room. I never had one until three years ago when we bought our house, and frankly, I didn’t see the point. My husband and I aren’t big entertainers. We eat meals with our kids around an old table in our kitchen. Easy to clean, low key. That’s how we like it.
But the new house came with one. The empty dining room begged to be furnished, so we purchased a used dining set, added a few accessories, and were happy with the end result. We even occasionally eat there. I know—crazy! It’s still the least used room in our house.
Jill’s formal dining room.
I usually write in my office, but one beautiful Saturday morning in October I needed to do a ton of research for the book I was plotting. I arranged my laptop, notebook, index cards, and pens on the dining table. The chair wasn’t as comfortable as the cushy one I’m used to, but the atmosphere enticed.
The blue sky peeked through the curtains to my left. Leaves waved from branches beyond the large picture window in the adjacent living room. Straight ahead I could see through our kitchen to the television in the family room. A sense of excitement came over me. I liked this spot.
I spread my notes and papers out, and to my surprise, I had plenty of room. The long table happens to be perfect for my kind of plotting. Soon my brain raced with possible story ideas. I knew the hero and heroine, but I didn’t know their goals. What was he working for? Why was it important to him? Internet searches led me to unusual jobs, fun locations and, ultimately, to the hero’s goal of training for the IRONMAN triathlon. The book I was plotting? Released this month through Harlequin Love Inspired.
Now whenever I feel stuck, I make a point to work in the formal dining room. The change of scenery makes me happy, and it’s gratifying to know the room is being used more than twice a year!
Do you ever find inspiration in unlikely places?
Jill Kemerer

Jill Kemerer writes contemporary romance novels with love, humor, and faith. A full time writer, she relies on coffee and chocolate to keep up with her kids’ busy schedules. Besides spoiling her mini-dachshund, Jill adores magazines, M&Ms, fluffy animals, and long nature walks. She resides in Ohio with her husband and two children. Jill loves connecting with readers, so please visit her website.

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*All pictures courtesy of Jill Kemerer.

What a neat way to get more use out of your formal dining room. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us today, Jill. Many blessings for your new book! It sounds like a very sweet story that will touch readers’ hearts.

Friends, please join in the conversation by answering Jill’s question: Do you ever find inspiration in unlikely places?

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  1. This is such a great article! I find a change of scenery is almost always the catalyst from a whole new perspective in my writing. And as an editor, I plan to share this insight with my authors.

  2. Wonderful idea, Sandra! I'm sure your authors will appreciate the tip.Are you an editor with a publishing house, or do you freelance? I'm a copyeditor and writer. I'm not near publication yet, but I'm starting to make a list of potential editors in case I pursue self-publishing down the road. Blessings!

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