Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Beth K. Vogt

If you’re looking for a new series to read, you won’t want to miss the Destination Wedding series by Beth K. Vogt. It kicks off with the sweet novella, Can’t Buy Me Love(see my review). It continues in Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which ramps up the (mis)adventure you would expect in a series that features travel and weddings.
In this fun beach read, paramedic Vanessa Hollister tries to forget the worst mistake of her life: marrying Logan Hollister when she was a senior in high school. Now divorced from him and engaged to another man, she plans her destination wedding in Destin, Florida. But a hurricane swoops across the state, forcing her and her ex-husband to the same emergency shelter. Will the time they spend together cement their differences? Or will it help them see that their worst mistake was actually the right thing?
My interest in this series began long before I received a copy of the book (thanks, Beth!), but it was piqued even more when I read the opening lines:
“Thousands—even millions—of women had routine choose-a-church, select-a-dress, plan-a-reception kinds of weddings. For some unknown reason, she was not one of those women.”
That really set the tone not only for Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but for the entire Destination Wedding series. It let me know right away that these wedding stories will not be traditional or boring or usual. Instead, there will be adventure and hilarity and interesting characters and events. Those lines told me I can look forward to more of Beth Vogt’s trademark humor, deep topics, and complex relationships.
Let me tell you now: I was not disappointed on any of those things.
Beth K. Vogt
Some authors reach a plateau in their writing, where every storyline is the same, all the characters are from one mold, and the lessons learned repeat the messages of prior books. Thankfully, Beth’s novels are fresh on all accounts every time. She keeps me guessing what will happen next and surprises me in multiple ways on the journey. Her novels always make me fall in love with Christian fiction—and reading—all over again.
In Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Logan is a storm chaser, a career I haven’t seen in books before. It reminded me of the movie Twister, in that the hero struggles with the decision to stay or go from the job. I particularly enjoyed the way Logan’s passion for storms was threaded throughout the plot, including the hurricane and the whirlwind of his relationship with Vanessa.
The fact that weather patterns still carry such an unpredictable quality, even with all the technology available today, is such a great analogy to life and relationships. No matter how many times we think we’ve got either one figured out, God never ceases to turn things on their head and keep us on our toes. His goal is to draw us closer to Him, because He loves us and yearns for us to desire Him more than anything.
It’s my life’s goal to cleave to Him with everything that I am. Is it yours?
As a member of Beth Vogt’s Dream Team, I received a complimentary copy of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This is my honest review. 
Readers, if you planned a destination wedding, what location would you choose and why? Have you ever discovered that a huge mistake turned out to be the right thing after all?
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