Reservations for Two by Hillary Manton Lodge

by Andrea Renee Cox
Sometimes a long wait is very much worth it. The second installment of Hillary Manton Lodge’s Two Blue Doors trilogy proved that to be true. Reservations for Two is a delectable tale of sweet romance, hearty recipes, and family mysteries that span several generations. Plus, it has a stunning cover that I’d love to slip into for a while.
As Juliette D’Alisa prepares to open a new restaurant with her brother, Nico, she gets caught up in the family mysteries that unfold in handwritten letters from a couple of generations back. Will the secrets she uncovers aid her in sorting out her own uncertain future?
The thing I like the most about this trilogy—so far—is how Reservations for Two picks up right where A Table by the Window left off. As in, it picks up in the same phone call. I know because I pulled out my copy of book one to check. That book two continues Juliette’s story so seamlessly took me by surprise. But I also found it a delightful, unique way to shift from one book to the next. I’m hoping for more of that fabulous continuity in the final book of the series.

Hillary Manton Lodge

Author Hillary Manton Lodge brought more of her trademark touch of scrumptious food woven into the storyline. It was almost like a cookbook coming to life and sharing its time-tested secrets. I still love how Hillary includes complete recipes at the end of many chapters. It really is a fun bonus you get when you purchase one of her books.

Thank you to Blogging for Books for a complimentary copy of Reservations for Two in exchange for my honest review.

Readers, what’s the last book that made your mouth water? Do you like surprise bonuses (such as recipes) that some authors include in their books? Why or why not?

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