Are We Really Broken If We Have Flaws?

We all have flaws.
You know, those things that annoy us about ourselves. Those things we wish we could fix.
But I ask you: Are we really broken?
I don’t think so.
The way I figure it, God made us exactly the way we are for a reason. Sometimes it’s for us to overcome the flaws, grow a little in our journey. But other times, those flaws are there in order for God to shine brighter.
Take, for instance, Moses’ speech impediment. God wanted to shine so brightly through Moses, perform the miracles of the plagues and rescuing His people through a man who stuttered, lisped, or whatever other impediment Moses might have had. Would that not have been the coolest thing?
But Moses was embarrassed by his flaw, ashamed of it. I wish he could have seen it for the beautiful thing it was: the tool God wanted to use.
Don’t get me wrong. God still used Moses in a miraculous way. He still performed every plague, rescued His people, and stood the Red Sea on end to let His people cross on dry ground.
But it could have been even more awesome. Even more of a miracle.
How about you and me? Are we ashamed of our flaws? Are we too embarrassed to let God use them so He will shine brighter than ever?
I, for one, hope I never do that. So I get a little embarrassed. It won’t be the first or the last time. So I’m ashamed of such-and-such a flaw. To have God working through me, I’d say the momentary shame is worth it.
One of my flaws is that I take things too personally. All my life people have told me to “get over” it and adjust. So I tried. Time and time again. Through it all, I found that I just couldn’t help but take things personally.
I care deeply about people. My family, friends, acquaintances… I care so much for all the people in my life that I’m not willing to “get over” caring about them. If I were to train the “taking things too personally” out of who I am, it would shut off that caring nature God instilled in me from birth. I am unwilling to change anything about myself that God gave me to use for Him. And yes, that includes taking things personally.
So my feelings get hurt. So I have to cry sometimes. I don’t really see those as bad things. You want to know why?
Because they’re more opportunities to practice forgiveness.
Jesus is the ultimate example of what I’m talking about here. When He was up on that cross, broken, bruised, and bloodied, was He angry, embarrassed, shamed, etc.? Not a chance. Instead, He uttered one final prayer to His Father in heaven.
“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” (Luke 23:34 NKJ)
If Jesus can forgive the people who mocked Him, jammed a crown of thorns on His head, and hung Him up on a cross (not to mention everyone in the world for sinning against Him), why shouldn’t I forgive those who hurt my feelings as well?
Honesty may be the best policy and laughter the best medicine, but I think forgiveness is the balm of the soul.
Besides, didn’t God take things personally when He sent His only Son to take our place up on that big ol’ cross?
Looks like I’m just following the Leader.
Readers, when was the last time you had opportunity to forgive rather than be angry, ashamed, embarrassed, etc.? Did you take the opportunity presented, or did you let it pass you by? If you could do it over, would you do anything differently?
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