Can’t Buy Me Love by Beth K. Vogt ***GIVEAWAY***

Another charming eNovella is now available to own. Can’t Buy Me Love introduces the new Destination Weddings series written by Beth K. Vogt. It’s the perfect way to kick off the series, if you ask me.
This bite-size book features dog groomer Bellamy Hillman, who has pinched pennies her entire life. She’s engaged to Reid Stanton, who has led a very privileged life. When Bellamy ends up with two wedding gowns, will their dreams of a Manhattan wedding combust before they even reach their destination?
The contrast between a poor dog lover and her wealthy fiancé worked a lot better than I expected. I must admit I didn’t like Reid Stanton when I first met him. He seemed conceited and all about money. But the more chapters I read, the more layers I saw in him. Since I don’t want to spoil the story for you, let me just say he grew on me and earned my respect. He even made me go “Awww!” which is always a fabulous thing about the hero of a book. My hope is that you’ll also come to respect and enjoy Reid when you read Can’t Buy Me Love.
Now that I finished this brief installment in the Destination Weddings series, I can hardly wait to dive into the first full-length novel in the collection. If this eNovella is any indication, we’re in for plenty of surprises and mix-ups and interesting characters. Not to mention great plots, snappy dialogue, and pacing that isn’t too rushed or sluggish. When I read a Beth Vogt novel, it’s practically guaranteed that I’ll collapse into a fit of giggles at some point, cry a couple of times, and gush about the book afterward.
Am I looking forward to her Destination Weddings series?
In a word, yes.
Beth K. Vogt
But it deserves much more than that one, simple word. This is one series I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, I hope this review is only the beginning of the wonderful things you hear about it.
As part of Beth Vogt’s street team, I received a complimentary copy of Can’t Buy Me Love in exchange for my review. Thank you, Beth, for including me in your team and for the complimentary copies of Can’t Buy Me Love and Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
I’m giving away three (3) electronic copies (for Amazon Kindle) of Can’t Buy Me Love. The giveaway goes through Thursday, June 4. The winners will be selected at random and contacted via email. If you do not include your email address in your comment, you will not be entered to win. Only U.S. residents are eligible to win, due to budget restraints. The winners will be announced on next Monday’s article.
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Readers, do you enjoy book series? Why or why not? What’s your favorite series of books?
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5 thoughts on “Can’t Buy Me Love by Beth K. Vogt ***GIVEAWAY***

  1. I love book series. The best are 1) family series where each book is about a different sibling and 2) where one character is the main character in every book. Usually the romance is spaced out over the whole series and the couple doesn't fall in love in three weeks. It's more like four years! My favorites are the Christy Miller series by Robin Jones Gunn. There are actually three series about Christy. They are Christy as a teen, her college years, and then the married years. Some of my other favorites are Lynn Morris' Cheney Duvall, M.D. series, Sarah M. Eden's Jonquil Brothers series, Sibella Giorello's Raleigh Harmon series, Mindy Starns Clark's Million Dollar Mystery series, Dani Pettrey's Alaskan Courage series, and Lori Wick's The Californians series.

  2. Sylvia, those series all sound so wonderful. Some I've heard of, others are new to me. I'll have to keep my eye out for them.Have you read Dee Henderson's The O'Malley Chronicles? It's one of those series where each book features a different sibling. So good. I'm rereading them now for the third time, and they still keep me guessing! I can't recommend them enough.Thank you for adding your e-mail address. You are entered in the contest.

  3. I do too, Lynn. Reading the series from beginning to end makes for a great way to spend a summer. Thanks for visiting Writing to Inspire today.You are entered into the contest.

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