Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think — GIVEAWAY

Teen moms.
They’re often looked down upon in today’s society. But what’s so terrible about lifting these young women up, letting them know they are loved by the God who created them?
Tricia Goyer
Author Tricia Goyer was once a teen mom. Now she’s a wife, mother to six (soon to be ten, if her current adoption goes through), and a leader in the Little Rock Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. Her passions include God, family, writing, and sharing her faith and experience with others.
Even though I am not a teen or a mom, I was invited to join Tricia’s street team for her newest book, Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think. Thank you, Tricia, for giving me a complimentary copy of Teen Mom in exchange for my honest review and support through this book release.
The thing that really came through the most in this book for me was how Tricia’s experience as a teen mom will (and is already) encourage others who now walking in those shoes. With her trademark heart-to-heart writer’s voice, she shares lessons from her past to inspire young moms to aim for a bright future … for themselves and their children. Through her story and that of other teen moms who contributed to Teen Mom, today’s (and tomorrow’s) teen moms are certain to find new hope in the midst of difficult challenges. Tricia’s mission with Teen Mom is to share God’s love and strength with young mothers, which will in turn uplift the next generation.
But I dare to think this book and Tricia Goyer’s message—God’s message—will reach far beyond its intended audience. I, for one, have been touched by Tricia’s honesty, courage, and passion for the mission God has implanted in her heart. I pray you will be moved by this book as well.
As you look at the uplifting power of some of my favorite quotes from Teen Mom, consider how they make you feel. How do you think teen moms will feel when they read these lines?
“God made you, formed you. He made and formed your child.”
“You are important to God, and that makes you important.”
“How does it make you feel to know that [God] trusts you with this child?”
“It’s not that I do things perfectly, but I’m better. Much better.”
“Sometimes the best way to grow up is to realize the areas where you need help and to find the right people to help you.”
“The process was long, but as she worked at growth—and sought God’s help—she witnessed the changes within. Soon her growth became evident to others too.”
“As I read the Bible I also learned that I have another mentor who is always able to provide guidance: Jesus Christ.”
If you know a teen mom, please be an encouragement to her. She’s facing mighty challenges and needs love from our Almighty God to uplift her. Will you be God’s vessel of love today?
You may learn more about Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think here.
Readers, how do you purpose to be a vessel of God’s love to the people around you?
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