From the Start by Melissa Tagg

“What was a girl supposed to do after her heart dried up and took her creative spark with it?” Kate Walker wonders if she’ll ever write something meaningful or even find another dose of passion for her career.
Colton Greene’s NFL career ended abruptly due to an on-the-field injury. Now his agent is pushing him to rejuvenate his career by looking at new options.
When Colton and Kate both head to Maple Valley, Iowa to help clean up in the aftermath of a natural disaster, they decide to help each other with their individual problems. But they sure didn’t bargain on a whole new set of issues cropping up! What will they do when they don’t see eye to eye?
From the Start is a delightful romantic comedy with that small-town charm I love reading about. The characters that call Maple Valley HOME are quirky and fun and make me want to spend a lot more time in the fictional town. The depths Melissa Tagg must have gone to in order to create such a rich, multifaceted story truly blows me away. Such courage it must have taken to dig so deep and deliver the sweet tale of two characters who have both lost their way and don’t have a clue how to sort out their dreams from tangled realities.
How long must I wait for Melissa’s next novel? Way too long! I don’t know the exact date of her next release, but I know it will seem like forever. If you haven’t yet discovered her enjoyable rom-coms, I hope you’ll give her a try sometime soon. If you’re anything like me, you’ll swiftly add her to your must-read list.
I’m so grateful to Melissa Tagg for including me in her street team and giving me a complimentary copy of From the Start in exchange for my honest review. Thanks, Melissa!
Readers, how do you find new purpose or passion when you feel dried up and overused? How do your friends, family, and faith help you find your way when you feel lost?
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