Three Little Words by Melissa Tagg

“Sometimes we have to let history rest to make way for what’s coming next.”
Three Little Words, by Melissa Tagg
After being turned down for her dream job, Ava Kingsley struggles to understand how to let her history rest in order to give God room to put her future into place. When her email buddy and old college classmate, Seth Walker, invites her to stay in the empty apartment over the restaurant he’s opening in his hometown, will she see this opportunity as an open door to a new dream or just a pit stop along the way? Will these two friends debate their way into a romance or go after their individual dreams?
Well, Melissa Tagg did it again. Her trademark comedic timing in a sweet story about small-town love and big dreams translated so perfectly in her first novella ever. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these e-shorts from her.
One of my favorite things about Three Little Words is how Ava Kingsley and Seth Walker started out as enemies, debating through their college newspaper, but over time, their enmity morphed into a friendship they both treasured greatly. That journey serves as a great reminder that not only do our relationships change and grow through the years, but we also can learn and improve ourselves along the way. Life if a journey to enjoy and improving on my faults is part of it I’ve learned to appreciate more and more over the years. The sense of accomplishment is neat, but what I really love is when I’m able to use my past experience and difficult life lessons to encourage other people who may be struggling to make it through a challenging time in their lives. This book, Three Little Words, reminded me that encouraging others in this way is meaningful for both the person being encouraged and the one offering encouragement. And while reading this novella, I experienced both sides of that situation, which helped the lesson to soak into my bones even better. As I’ve learned, that’s the way God works with me. He brings in multiple sources to show me the things He’s trying to teach me. It’s my job to open my eyes, take it all in, and then thank Him for yet another opportunity to become an even better version of myself.
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Readers, what life lessons are you learning today? Which do you enjoy better: encouraging others or being encouraged?
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