Season of Waiting: Part One

There are many different seasons in life. Childhood, teenage years, marriage, friendships, trials, joys, deaths, births, mentorships, and the list could continue for quite some time. Each one brings its own challenges, its own joys. Each presents opportunities to learn new things and practice things you’ve already started picking up on.
I currently find myself in a season of waiting. All my life, since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of becoming a wife. Taking care of a husband, cooking meals for him, sharing conversations and laughs, enjoying each other’s company. Even arguing at times and coming to some sort of compromise. Raising children together, if the Lord allows. And always, always growing closer to God and serving Him together, supporting each other as we grow spiritually. All of that and so much more. Yet, so far, that dream remains only a dream.
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Patience has never been my strongest characteristic. In fact, I’d say it is my least mastered quality. And when I asked God for patience, well, He gave me children to tutor and stories to write, two challenges that have tested me in many different ways over the last dozen years, even as they’ve brought many, many blessings. Yes, I’ve gained patience along the years. But I’ve still got a L-O-N-G way to go. Of course, living in the times of social media and to-go restaurants and 1-click online purchasing options, it seems patience is a thing of the past.

But it’s never been more necessary.
Being single yet wishing my husband-to-be was already in my life presents a problem of loneliness for me. A problem I’ve struggled for years to solve. But what if finding the solution isn’t what I’ve been tasked to do?
What if God’s got different plans than the ones I’ve dreamed of all these years? What if, instead of getting married young and having kids soon after, He wants me to become better acquainted with patience? And contentment. Perseverance. Confidence, not in myself, but rather in Him and His ability to make my dreams come true in a unique and awe-inspiring way. A way that exceeds my expectations by a billion miles. What if He has way more planned for me than I could ever have imagined?
And what if those plans come only after I learn those pesky qualities that come in handy but are practically impossible to master?
Just this past week, I came to the end of me and stepped out in faith. I shared my struggle of being single with a group of people on Facebook who read Christian nonfiction books, asking for advice on which “being single” books to read that would give me a fresh perspective on this season of waiting. Not only did I receive suggestions for books (some will be included in a list in Part Two), but I was surprised and blessed by the reassuring words and prayers offered by other members of the group. A few others then chimed in that they were also in the season of waiting for their spouse to come into their lives. We were able to encourage and pray for each other, which lifted up my heart (and I’m sure it did theirs as well).
Sometimes God emboldens us to share our concerns with others and to speak words of kindness and encouragement in return. When we do so, even if we’re afraid of how it will be received or the responses we’ll get, we become a part of something bigger and grander than ourselves. We overcome our fears of rejection and being hurt by harsh words and trust God with the outcome.
Because I took a leap of faith to speak out when I was afraid to admit my weakness, God has given me a new determination. This year, 2015, I plan to push myself hard, with God’s help and guidance, to learn to be content with this season of singleness and waiting. It won’t always be easy; I imagine there will be days I feel I can’t take another second of being alone. But God will be with me through each breath of this journey of spiritual growth. A battle is being waged in me, one that threatens to rip apart my sanity. With God by my side and commitment in my heart, I will overcome the enemy trying to hold me back. And I’ll step into my future, learning patience and contentment and confidence in God along the way.
Readers, what battles are you facing right now? In what ways has God shown you that He’s working behind the scenes in the part of the battle that you can’t see?
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