The Daughter of Highland Hall – Coming Soon!

Another wonderful book is heading to stores near you in early October. The Daughter of Highland Hall is the second book in Carrie Turansky’s Edwardian Brides series, following The Governess of Highland Hall in grand fashion. Fans of Jane Austen, Downton Abbey, and Julie Klassen will love this author’s work as well!
When Kate enters London society as a debutante, her hopes for her future soar to new heights. But mistakes and family scandals seem to follow her like the train of her debut dress. Will she follow her aunt Louisa’s advice and “pull herself together and act like the gracious and confident young woman she’s been trained to be”? Or will she find an uncharted path carved out for her by the God she doesn’t yet understand?
Then there’s Jon, who doesn’t have a clue what he wants to do after he finishes his medical studies to become a doctor. Will he choose to return to India, where his family served in the mission field for years before his father’s illness brought them back home? Or will he choose one of a number of other options? Will he be able to discern the difference between his human desires and God’s will for him?
One thing that intrigued me about The Daughter of Highland Hallwas the detail the author put into it. Not only did I feel immersed in the London season (in which young ladies attended parties, teas, and balls in hopes of finding their future husbands), but the intricate homes and settings really came to life under Carrie Turansky’s hand. In addition, I learned a lot about a couple of different missions of the era that captivated my interest. There is so much to take in, I’m sure I’ll need to read this book more than once to grasp it all.
Carrie Turansky
When I read the first book in this series, I knew I’d found a new author to love. Part of the reason is how Carrie used faith in the story. The characters’ faith in God was delicately threaded throughout each element of the story line, which is exactly what I look for in a great Christian fiction book. Sinking my teeth into this new installment of her Edwardian Brides series gave me more of that same intricately woven faith, assuring me I’ll be a fan for life. Have you become a Carrie Turansky fan yet? If not, I suggest you begin with her Edwardian Brides series. It’s five-star fantastic!
Thank you to Carrie Turansky and her publisher for the complimentary copy of The Daughter of Highland Hall. This is my honest review.
Readers, do you ever feel like you’ve traveled back in time when you read historical fiction? What is it about the story that pulls you into another era? What books have accomplished this for you?
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