Through the Deep Waters – A Story of Healing


Sin is something we don’t often talk about. Why is that? It’s bleak, uncomfortable, intrusive, suffocating… The list could go on forever. To me, sin is an obstacle, a stumbling block in my path to righteousness. It’s something to cast off, to be forgiven for by God.
To Dinah Hubley, the lead character in Kim Vogel Sawyer’s latest novel Through the Deep Waters, sin is her haunting reality and nightly terror. Born to a prostitute and raised in a brothel, Dinah escapes to Florence, Kansas, where she intends to become a Harvey girl. The esteemed position of server in Mr. Harvey’s hotel dining room might be Dinah’s dream job, but her past might prove too strong to overcome. Will Dinah succumb to the black cloud her sin has created? Or will her new friends show her God’s healing love, extending an invitation she can’t refuse?
My heart shattered for Dinah as she began her journey in the darkest of circumstances. As I turned each page, I yearned for redemption, hope, and faith for the young lady. Each new chapter brought fresh struggles, which made it difficult to set the books aside to sleep or work. Though heart wrenching, Through the Deep Waters is an exquisite tale that is bound to help broken people find God’s healing touch. The theme of brokenness appeared early on and was reiterated when Dinah asked another character, “What… broke you?” She wasn’t the only one hurting, nor was she the only one in need of mending.
This story of redemption shares the author’s heart for the abused people of the world. Kim offers a ray of hope with the story of a harlot’s daughter seeking more than her past says she deserves. That hope for a bright future, even with a blackened past, is what salvation is all about. It’s why Jesus Christ came to Earth, lived a pure life, and died on the cross. It’s why He rose from the tomb and ascended into Heaven. He came to save the lost, heal the broken, rescue and revive the weary and downtrodden.
Are you in need of a Savior?
Consider this your invitation to the healing He offers.
In lieu of a question today, I offer this prayer:
Father in Heaven, thank You for allowing me to touch my readers’ lives today. Please bless each one in the ways You know they need. If they are brothers and sisters in the faith, I thank You and ask that You bring them ever closer to Your heart. If they have not yet discovered the freedom and healing You offer, I thank You for the opportunity to be Your witness. Please will You touch my readers’ hearts today? Will You draw them near to Your heart and plant that seed of faith? In the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.
Kim, thank you for the complimentary copy of Through the Deep Waters. It’s a joy to be a member of your street team, Hope Harbingers. I appreciate the tenderness you poured upon the pages of Dinah’s story. Thank you for reaching out to the broken. Thank you for being one of God’s vessels.
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