Influencer Time!

Hi Friends! While my own books are still tucked away in my computer—trust me, I’m working hard on them!—a friend of mine has some she’d like to share with you. Kim Vogel Sawyer is searching now for people just like you to join her street team. These newest novels will be contemporary fiction instead of her usual historical fiction. If I know Kim, they’re sure to be wonderful tales of hope that will lift your spirits.

Do you enjoy reading fiction?
Do you like to share your latest book with all your friends?
Do you spend time on social media sites or write a blog?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I encourage you to fill out the brief application at Kim Sawyer’s website. She’ll be choosing her street team soon. Hurry! You won’t want to miss this opportunity.
I’ve been a member of Kim’s influencer team through three novels now. It’s been quite a blessing. Not only have I gotten an early copy of three of Kim’s books (and a few little extra surprises), but I’ve also built great friendships with the other folks in the group. When tough times come around, we share our concerns with the group and everyone prays through the problem. Good news is shared, too, and the excitement bubbles around the group so quickly you can’t help but feel good about whatever situation you find yourself in! Good days or bad, we support each other with prayer and kind comments. And a bit of humor, too.
Wouldn’t you like to come join the fun?
Visit Kim Vogel Sawyer’s Street Team page for more details.
Have you ever been part of an influencer or street team for an author? What did you like about it? Anything you would improve, if given the chance?
Please share your stories in the comments section. They may help someone else decided if influencing is a good fit for them.

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2 thoughts on “Influencer Time!

  1. Im a infulencer for a few authors and i really injoy it, i have the time to read, put out reviews tell all who i can about the book,i like telling others about a good book, and im on 2 street teams. im on limited income and this way i getbooks to read, i hope you except me on yours Shirley Blanchard Jcisforme@aol.com

  2. Shirley, thanks so much for dropping by and letting my readers know about your experiences with influencer and street teams. They're quite fun, aren't they?This post is not about my books. It's about Kim Vogel Sawyer's. Click on the link in the article where it says: Visit Kim Vogel Sawyer's Street Team page for more details.There will be a short application to fill out to have your name put in for Kim to choose from.Blessings,Andrea

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