March 2014 Movie Wrap-Up

I enjoy movies. Watching them, collecting them, writing them… What more can I say? I really enjoy movies. Movies from this generation and generations past. Romantic comedies, dramas, action flicks. Silent films and talkies. Documentaries, shorts, and epics. I love movies.
Because of this appreciation for movies, this week I’m highlighting a few films I’ve seen lately that you might like to view. Warning! You may want to grab a box of tissues before you settle in for these.
In theaters now:
Based on a true story about a city that was swallowed up by a sudden and violent volcanic eruption, this film captured my interest with its poignancy and romance, even amidst the life of gladiators. I was afraid it would contain gruesome scenes with said warriors or the volcanic explosion, but it was filmed with sensitivity and beauty that you have to see to fully understand and appreciate. I’m (hopefully) seeing this one again soon; that’s how much I treasured it.

Available to rent or own:
Guy Pearce has played so many fantastic characters over the years (think Count of Monte Cristo or Iron Man 3), but none I found as heart gripping as Mr. Randall, a man who sponsors a girl in China for years. When Mei Mei travels to Australia with the orphanage choir, will she discover the man she’s gotten to know via postcards isn’t really who he always claimed to be?
Zhu Lin
Guy intrigued me with mesmerizing raw emotions—this one scene stands out: when he witnessed an attack, he froze up, staying rooted to the floor, but you could read in his face that he wanted to do something to help the guy, take a swing at the attacker, or just crumple up and cry. That restraint and conflicting emotions reflected in his eyes and other facial features had me holding my breath. In addition to Mr. Pearce’s tried-and-true talent, there was quite a nice surprise with the up-and-coming talent of the lead actress. Zhu Lin, the girl who portrayed Mei Mei, enraptured me with her innocence and ability to express her feelings so easily, so freely. This young lady is surely one to watch. I’m sure we’ll see more from her in the years to come.
This movie tells the story of a child who must handle several major disappointments in his young life. As he’s on a journey of self-discovery, the audience quickly discovers that he’s quite the child prodigy when it comes to playing the piano. As you’re viewing this one, pay close attention to the songs on the soundtrack. The final credits hold a surprise for you about those songs played throughout the movie.
This one had me crying, laughing, applauding and giggling, and crying again. It’s a gentle story of hope and faith that is safe for the entire family. I hope you’ll check it out and pass it along. Because anything is possible. (Okay, so I couldn’t resist playing on the title of this one.)
That’s my movie wrap-up for this week. When you get a chance to see them, please drop back by and let me know what you think about them. I’d love to hear from you!
What movies have you seen lately that you’d recommend? Any family friendly ones? Ones that made you laugh out loud or cry tears of joy (or agony)?

What do you like to see in a good movie: Great characters? Intriguing plot lines? Action-packed? Emotional journeys?

2 thoughts on “March 2014 Movie Wrap-Up

  1. Movies! I'm sure you know that's one of my favorite topics…although probably my area of specialty is more classic movies rather than newer ones. I haven't actually seen any of the three you mentioned. The thing I most want to see in a movie is wit. I just love a witty movie with great dialogue and characters who make me laugh. I care about the plot and I appreciate a good romantic thread (something hollywood has not been awesome at lately)…but the thing I get most excited about is well-written dialogue.

  2. Melissa, movies are one of my favorite topics, too. I'm much less versed in classic movies than you, but the witty dialogue is always fun to see. Hollywood should go back and study some of Audrey Hepburn's films. They usually put great romantic threads in hers. What do you think? Who else's movies would you recommend they study?Thanks for stopping by!

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