Olympic Break

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Do you know what the Olympics and writing have in common?

They both cause me to put things on hold.
Reading books. Watching movies. Chores of all sorts. Yep, all of it got shoved aside to watch my favorite Winter Olympic sports. In fact, even my writing got pushed back a little during the last two weeks!
I did, however, continue reading through from the Inside…Out by Susan May Warren and Rachel Hauck (that’s what commercials are for, right?). That’s helped me keep my story in mind, thinking through possibilities for the plot and characters and theme. Now that the Olympics are wrapping up, hopefully I’ll be able to pick up right where I left off with my writing.
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Today I’m trying to catch up on my household chores that kept trying to pull me away from short track speed skating, figure skating, and alpine skiing. There’s clothing to be laundered, floors to sweep, dishes to wash, and items to organize. With a bit of determination, I’m sure I’ll make great strides toward a clean house…and in so doing, an organized work space to promote creativity, a very necessary thing for this writer.

What do YOU put on hold during the Olympics? What are some of your favorite memories from this year’s Winter Olympic Games? How do you balance keeping a clean house with writing, or enjoying your favorite hobby (if writing isn’t your thing)?

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