Favorite Quotes of 2013

Since we’re now in December and nearing the end of the calendar year, I’m looking back today at some of my favorite quotes from books I read during the year. Have you read any of these titles yet? If you’re looking for a great read for the holidays, any of the following would be a fabulous choice. Happy reading!
“The truth is always fitting.”
            Broken Wings by Dianne Price
“Some things in life don’t get better when they’re rushed. Marriage is one of those things.”
            Jennifer by Dee Henderson
“For now, just do the thing right in front of you that makes sense, and let Him take it from there. There’s going to be a way through this.”
            Jennifer by Dee Henderson
“I decided every female doctor needed a Sully.”
            Catch a Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt
“A lot of us make plans, Griffin. And then life changes.”
            Catch a Falling Star by Beth K. Vogt
“But when a single woman bought a house, it was like admitting that she was alone. Like a widow.”
            Gone South by Meg Moseley
“See, that’s the great thing about faith—the more you need, the bigger it grows.”
            Lakeside Family by Lisa Jordan
“And I won’t settle—even if it means staying single for the rest of my life.”
            Lakeside Family by Lisa Jordan
“Alexia decided she much preferred the visible enemy of a good fire to murder, personal attacks, and home invasions.”
            When the Smoke Clears by Lynette Eason
“I always feel better when I’m ministering to someone else, even if the someone else is a cat.”
            What Once Was Lost by Kim Vogel Sawyer
“Dear Lord, why must I always fall short?”
            What Once Was Lost by Kim Vogel Sawyer
“Your driver’s license and social security card only prove your identity, but they don’t show me who you are.”
            Awakening by JoAnn Durgin
“Tell Lincoln husbands—pretend or otherwise—don’t grow on trees.”
            Made to Last by Melissa Tagg
“Because somehow saving the show meant saving herself, her identity.”
            Made to Last by Melissa Tagg
“Better a life among enemies than a noose around her neck.”
            Ring of Secrets by Roseanna M. White
“Women are baffling, George. Baffling. They complain if you treat them as pets but grow bored if you treat them as equals.”
            Ring of Secrets by Roseanna M. White
Letting go can be a harder way to love than holding on.”
            My Hope is Found by Joanne Bischof
“One can only search for so long before you realize there are just some things you cannot outrun.”
            My Hope is Found by Joanne Bischof
“It’s time for you to drop your bucket deep down into the well of possibilities that you’ve been ignoring all these years. Drop it all the way down and see what you pull up.”
            Sisterchicks on the Loose! by Robin Jones Gunn
What book quotes have struck your fancy this year? Any books you recommend I add to my to-be-read list?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Quotes of 2013

  1. I enjoyed reading through these quotes so much! I think you have inspired to me to keep a quote journal along with my yearly book journal for this coming year! Here is another quote for you that I DID write down from Suzanne Woods Fisher's book \”The Letters\”. \”She wasn't sure what the end of the day would bring, but she decided that from now on, she would savor sweet moments, like this one, as much as she could. Like one bite doughnuts.\”

  2. Oh, what a quote! Love it, Laura. And I'm so glad I could inspire you today, well yesterday. 🙂 I started collecting quotes by writing reviews for most of the books I read. I like to include a quote in them but don't have the memory to just recall them when I need them. So I write them down. I think this quote post is something I'd like to do every December, if it works out. So glad you stopped by!

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