Fairchild’s Lady – a FREE novella

Ten years after his words were used against him by a spy in Ring of Secrets, Isaac Fairchild finds himself using covert tactics in the follow-up novella, Fairchild’s Lady. When he is commissioned to find a friend’s wife and daughter and bring them safely home to England before war breaks out in France, he isn’t expecting Lady Julienne to be so beautiful with such startlingly blue eyes. Will he convince the two women to flee before it’s too late? Or will they wait for the impending proposal from a French duke? Will Fairchild suffer a broken heart for the second time?
Fairchild's Lady
This eBook might be short at only eight chapters and a prologue, but it carries a large dose of sweetness. I was glad to see what happened to Fairchild after the events of book one in Roseanna M. White’s Culper Ringseries. Even though I wasn’t rooting for him in book one, I did grow quite attached to him. Getting a peek at what took place between Ring of Secrets and Whispers from the Shadows made me feel a little like a spy myself.
The day I was reading this book, I was on a shopping trip. One stop was a Half-Price Books store. Wouldn’t you know I’d see a section on espionage while browsing the military history section for research books for my latest novel. I giggled over the irony of reading a book about spies and happening across a whole shelf full of books about covert operations.
It only took me one day to read this book, and I enjoyed every word of it. It’s a fabulous story that enhances the series. Soon I’ll be reading book two, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing my review on it not long afterwards.
Don’t forget to hop over to Roseanna White’s website. She’s got the links to the free novella here.
Also, Roseanna hosted me recently on her blog. Check out my article here.
Do you like novellas? Do they add to or detract from a series? I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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