Sisterchicks On the Loose!

Have you ever been surprised by the contents of a book?
Recently, I experienced that very thing.
Having previously loved RobinJones Gunn’s Clouds, I was eager to see what else she had written. When the first of her Sisterchicks books came up on my list of available books on Blogging for Books, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try another of her novels.
The surprises began with the cover. Blue sky and snow, with a bright orange strip of foreign buildings . . . just the hint of adventure I needed to sneak Sisterchicks on the Loose! up my ever-growing list of books to read. Plus, the cute little chick in the top left corner with the snazzy sunglasses made me giggle with joy. *Note: When I was browsing at the book store over the weekend, I noticed this book had a different cover than the copy I had. Don’t let that stop you from taking on this adventure!
Upon opening the cover, I discovered the story was written in the first person. Quite startling, since the “norm” for fiction is currently third person writing. I’ve read a few first person fictions before, and they usually took me several chapters to get into the rhythm of them, if I ever did. Much to my delight, the story swiftly unfolded as if told by a dear friend. This negated the first person problems I’d had in the past. In fact, as I was reading, I felt as if I were reading the authors private, intimate thoughts on her own journey to Finland. I’m not sure how much of the tale was based on Ms. Gunn’s personal experiences, but she sure painted an enjoyable tale with plenty of adventure, misunderstandings, hilariousness and sweetly tender moments.
Finally, I was surprised to discover a deep character arc that could easily apply to so many women’s lives. (Men’s, too, for that matter.) Many of us struggle with identity issues at some point or another in our lives. This book provides hope and a bit of guidance where our identities are concerned. It’s nice to see such deep thoughts woven seamlessly into a whim of an adventure.
In Sisterchicks on the Loose!, Penny tells her best friend Sharon, “Pack your bags, girl! We’re finally going to run away from home!” They take off for far away Finland in hopes of reuniting with the aunt Penny’s always wanted to meet. Mishaps seem to appear from every direction, but they decide to trust God and let Him lead the way on this long-awaited journey. Both women have lessons to learn along the way, along with surprises to give and receive. The people they meet on the trip only add to the experience, enhancing the already enjoyable excursion across the globe. Will they miss home or wish they could travel indefinitely? After going on such an exciting trip, how can they ever go back to normal living? Make sure to pick up this Sisterchicks novel if you have a bit of the wanderlust in you. It’ll get you itching to board a plane—but don’t forget your carry-on!
My food for thought question today comes from a quote in chapter seven of this novel: “It’s time for you to drop your bucket deep down into the well of possibilities that you’ve been ignoring all these years. Drop it all the way down and see what you pull up.”
When you dunk your bucket into the well of possibilities God’s placed before you, what do you pull up? How do you use the talents and gifts God’s blessed you with? How can you impact the world today? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below, but please don’t stop there. Let’s make a difference in the world around us, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Sisterchicks On the Loose!

  1. Loved how you brought your review of the book around to getting us to think of the well of possibilities in our own lives, Andrea. 🙂 I'm reading a book right now on God-sized dreams (thanks to Cara Putman's online book club) and I'm only two chapters in, but already feeling so impacted by the thought of how our dreams–like the well of possibilities you describe–impact others and draw us closer to God in the process.

  2. Thanks for noticing, Melissa! I love finding ways to apply the lessons in fiction to our own lives… and that's what I try to do with my blog questions. If we only read fiction for fun and don't learn anything, what's the point? To be entertained? That's just not enough for me.I'm glad the book you're currently reading has already impacted you so much. It's fabulous that God's using it so quickly! Love it when He places the exact book in our hands that holds the message He's got for us. We don't have a clue when we open it that we soon will have a \”Now I get it!\” moment with Him. So sweet!Blessings!

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