Rain or Shine?

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I live in North Texas, where it seems we are constantly in a drought, rain shortage, or being asked to conserve water. (As if some families—like mine—don’t do that already.) We carefully watch the weather forecast, hoping for even the slightest blip of cloud cover on the radar. When the chance of scattered showers finally pops up on the 7-day forecast, we hold our breath . . . and then sigh as we remember it typically skips our part of the county.

Then, one day it happens. The clouds gather overhead and the heavens open. Droplets of water splatter the ground and every brave person who dashes outside to check the mailbox. (Very important when expecting influencer copies of books!) If the downpour lasts longer than 30 minutes (okay, more like 15), the grumblings start.

“I wish it wasn’t raining.”
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“I hate being stuck inside!”
“Too bad the sun’s not out. The gray sky is so depressing.”
“Okay, so we needed the rain. But did we need THIS MUCH of it?”
Stop. Right. There.
We complain when it’s dry. We gripe when it’s wet. We want rain. We don’t want rain. (The story’s the same for snow, by the way.)
When do we pause to say, “Thank You, God, for THIS DAY”? When do we appreciate the weather He gives us?
Seasons of writing are similar to weather patterns. When the ideas are flowing and words litter the computer screen, we long for an agent to ask for a complete copy of our manuscripts. When we secure representation, we want a contract with a huge publishing house. When we grasp our first published novel in hand, we wish our next book would be released in seven different languages.
Stop. Right. There.
Don’t jump ahead in your writing journey. You might miss an important something God wants to show you. Or you may overlook an AH-HA! moment when He inspires a brilliant scene you may have otherwise overlooked. Worst of all, you might lose the golden opportunity to cherish our Lord’s presence and activity in your life.
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Stop. Right. There.
Take a moment (or two!) to praise God for where you’re at on your writing journey.
And dance in the rain. (Or whatever type of weather you might be experiencing.)

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