Made to Last

When her homebuilding show is on the brink of being shut down, Miranda “Randi” Woodruff rents a husband to jazz up viewer ratings. What she didn’t count on was a handsome reporter snooping around, trying to dig up her secrets. Little does she know, reporter Matthew Knox has some buried secrets of his own. Will Miranda evade Matthew’s journalistic curiosity long enough to save her television show? Or will she cave under the pressure? Will Matthew’s secrets push him past the point of no return, where his conscience is concerned? Or will he gladly toss aside his personal ethics to get the scoop on Randi Woodruff and catapult himself to new career heights?
Made to Last is the debut book of author Melissa Tagg. I must say I was surprised by this lighthearted romance. It dug into deep topics, challenging me as a reader and a writer. As a reader, the theme of identity made me stop and consider who I am. Am I defined by my career choices, marital status, and cleanliness of my home? Or is my identity found elsewhere? The answer I found is this: I am a daughter of God. All other identities (writer, tutor, daughter, sister, friend, etc.) fall into place, secondary to my place as a child of God.
The surprises Miranda and Matthew faced as the chapters went along kept me off balance and turning pages. It challenged the writer in me to consider every possible plot twist for my work-in-progress (WIP). I especially enjoy novels that catch me off guard, as Made to Last did. They usually nudge me deeper in my own writing process. There’s nothing quite like reading a fellow author’s work to push my own writing skills to a new level.
One of my favorite lines from the book is at the tail end of a discussion between Miranda and her TV show’s producer, Lincoln Nash.

Miranda: “I don’t have a husband.”

Lincoln: “So we get you one.”

This simple exchange promised quirky, awkward moments for Randi Woodruff, and Melissa Tagg delivered! I loved the storyline and how the three different men in Miranda’s life played so well off of each other. One scene built upon another until I was holding the book mere inches from my face in eager anticipation of what would occur next. This book is an easy read that is sure to keep you entertained and yearning for more.
Look out, world! Melissa Tagg has arrived!
Melissa, thank you for including me in your Tagg Team of influencers. I appreciate the complimentary copy of Made to Last in exchange for my honest review and social media support.
Readers, don’t forget to visit Melissa Tagg on Facebook and/or her website! She recently jazzed up her website, so I know you’ll want to check that out.
Have you ever been in an awkward situation? Did you find the humor in it, or did you want to just sit down and cry? What did you learn from your experience?

4 thoughts on “Made to Last

  1. Wow, GREAT review Andrea!!! Loved your comments and that quote, SOOOO well put 🙂 The dialogue in this book alone was worth the read, but such a great story and characters as well. I'm also cheering to your comment, \”Look out, world! Melissa Tagg has arrived!\” BIG TIME Amen to that 🙂 As far as awkward situations, at first I'm weirded out by it or thinking someone has me on candid camera, but then later God helps me relieve the tension by laughing it off. I learn more about myself each time any awkwardness goes on and the more I learn, the more confident I become in Christ and that helps me overcome future incidences 🙂 Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Thanks for your great comments, Kara! I know what you mean about being weirded out by awkward situations. It sounds like you're finding a way to deal with them that works for you. Laughing them off takes guts, and I'm proud of you for that. It's always hard to laugh at ourselves and weird situations, but if we can master that (and turning to God immediately for His help), we're good as gold. :)Glad you stopped by!

  3. Enjoyed your review, Andrea…and Melissa's book! Have I ever been in an awkward situation? (Yes, too many times to count.) Did you find the humor in it? (Yes-though not always in that particular moment.)

  4. Anne, thank you! Melissa's book was such a fun read. She made it so easy to review it. :)Time has a way of allowing us to take a step back and see the humor in weird and awkward situations, doesn't it? I'm glad you've been able to discover the humor in it along the way.Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon!

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