Author Interview with Kim Vogel Sawyer

Today, I’m talking with author and Facebook friend, Kim Vogel Sawyer, whose latest book What Once Was Lost releases to bookstores tomorrow.
Available September 17th
Andrea: In your most recent book, What Once Was Lost, Tommy Kilgore was such an enjoyable character to get to know. Did someone in particular inspire his character?
Kim: No, Tommy is purely from my imagination, but I certainly grew attached to him.
Andrea: What piece of research surprised you most? Were you disappointed in any of your research?
Kim: The terminology which was perfectly acceptable surprised me–referring to poor farms as “asylums” and the residents as “inmates.” I encountered these terms on historical sites and the images in my head, painted by today’s use of those words, were quite different from the reality of that time. I find it intriguing how language evolves.
Andrea: Your descriptions in Tommy’s point of view (POV) made it easy to feel what blindness would be like. Did you use a blindfold to better imagine the scenes? Or was there another technique you used? Or was it pure imagination?
Kim: I closed my eyes when writing in Tommy’s POV. It sounds simplistic, but it’s amazing how your other senses “step up to the plate” when you limit the use of one. Try plugging your ears sometime in a public place and see how keen your observation becomes. :O)
Andrea: Do you plot your books or write as you go? Are you ever surprised by the twists or outcomes in your stories?
Kim: I am a seat of the pants writer, so I am constantly surprised by what transpires. Every day is an adventure! I love it.
Andrea: When did you realize you wanted to write historical Christian fiction novels?
Kim: I always wanted to be a writer, and I always wanted to write historicals, but I think I became focused on Christian writing when I read my first Janette Oke story. I loved how God was a main character, and I wanted to write stories of the hope only He can give.
Andrea: How has the added responsibility of running The King’s Inn Bed & Breakfast affected your writing schedule?
Kim: I like to start my day focused on writing. Now I have to wait until we’ve served breakfast and visited with guests before I can focus. Since I am most productive in the morning, it was a real adjustment for me to put something else ahead of writing, but it’s balancing out. Fortunately the Hubs is good about doing all the clean up, so once the guests are served I can scoot up to my office and get busy.
Andrea: The theme of helping others is dear to my heart, which is one reason I especially love What Once Was Lost. How do you decide which themes to focus on in your novels? Are there any certain factors you consider while planning your stories?
Kim: The only thing I plan is my characters’ emotional/physical/spiritual arcs. I know what each of them hope to achieve and why it is important to them. Beyond that, everything else that transpires is a natural out-growth of the characters’ journeys. I am often amazed at the themes that develop.
Andrea: Who was the most challenging character to write, and why?
Kim: Tommy … because I couldn’t use his sight and I am a very visual person.
Andrea: What’s up next on your busy schedule? May we have a hint at what your next book is about?
Kim: Up next is a story set in a Kansas chocolate factory and features a female investigator who is going to turn the life of the Dinsmore Chocolate Factory owner’s son upside-down!
Andrea: Lastly, but most importantly, how’s that new grandbaby of yours doing (and her parents)? Is she close enough to spoil regularly, like your little Wugmump? (Of course, all your grandkiddos are precious! I always enjoy the photos you share on your website and blog.)
Kim: Our newest one is growing like a weed and learning to smile, which is always so precious. I wish she was closer–three hours can seem like thirty when you want a quick visit–but thankfully Skype allows us to see and talk to both Wugmumps whenever we need a fix.
Andrea: Kim, thank you for visiting with us here at Writing to Inspire. You write such endearing stories.
Kim: Thanks, Andrea!
Since the release of her first novel in 2006, Kim Vogel Sawyer has become one of the most beloved writers in the Christian market. Drawn to her gentle stories of hope and the life lessons contained between the pages, readers eagerly anticipate the newest release. When Kim isn’t writing, you can find her serving guests with her retired-military hubby at The King’s Inn Bed and Breakfast Inn or spoiling her grandchildren. You can learn more about Kim and her writing and speaking ministries at http://www.KimVogelSawyer.com.

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