When the Smoke Clears by Lynette Eason

“Someone seems to be after me and I’m not sure why.”
~Alexia Allen (page 143 of When the Smoke Clears)
I love a good suspense novel, don’t you?
Last week, when I was searching for a book to read in my oversized to-be-read pile, I had a few criteria. First, it had to be a novel that would quickly capture my interest. It must be one that I don’t want to put down until I read the very last word on the final page. This time around, I was looking for an author I had previously read before. And lastly, I needed to be finished with it in two or three days, so I could get back to work on my own manuscript.
When my eyes landed on Lynette Eason’s When the Smoke Clears, I knew I had found a winner. Previously, I had enjoyed her suspenseful Women of Justice series. They captured my interest and I could hardly put them down! Since I had finished each of the books in that series in less than three days, I figured the same would be true of When the Smoke Clears.
I was right.
Here’s my own brief summary of the first book in the Deadly Reunions series:
Since she’s been suspended pending an investigation into a piece of faulty equipment, firefighter and smokejumper Alexia Allen decides to attend her 10-year high school reunion in the hometown she fled immediately after graduating. As she’s confronted with her troubled past, a series of murders casts a murky shadow on her future. Will Alexia evade the killer long enough to clear her name in both cases looming over her? Or will she run away from her problems like she did as a child? Or will the killer catch up to her before she has a chance to do either?
Just thinking about this book again gives me the chills! I can’t wait to start reading the next installment in this gripping series!
If you are a fan of Christian suspense novels and have not yet discovered Lynette Eason, you should run (don’t walk!) to your nearest library or book store and pick up one of her titles. She does not disappoint readers looking for a good crime drama with lots of twists and turns. When I read a Lynette Eason book, I know I’m getting a tightly written story that will keep me up at night—the perfect and expected thing for a suspense novel to do! It leaves me so interested in the plotline, I don’t want to put it down. Besides that, I get so anxious to discover the killer that I couldn’t sleep a wink even if I wanted to.
I’ve decided that next time I read one of Lynette’s books, I’m going to make my own suspect list and see if I can figure out whodunit before the big reveal at the end of the novel. I challenge you to do the same!
Please visit Lynette Eason at one or more of the following places (and don’t forget to find a copy of When the Smoke Clears!):

Now, it’s your turn! What do YOU think makes a good suspense novel? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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  1. Oohhhh! Now I am really excited that I won When A Secret Kills in a giveaway! I can't wait! I love suspense/mystery. 🙂 Ps..I heard that Google Friend Connect is going away tomorrow. A friend told me to add BlogLovin' to my blog for followers… you might want to do the same. 🙂 And, I have a giveaway for Harry Kraus' new novel An Open Heart on the book giveaways tab at my blog!

  2. How do I add BlogLovin' to my blog? I'd love to add it but am not very computer savvy.So glad you won a copy of Lynette's book! You're going to love it.

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