Lakeside Family by Lisa Jordan

When faced with no other option, Josie Peretti tracks down her ex-boyfriend and begs for his help for their daughter. The only problem is she thought he knew about Hannah, but Nick Brennan claims he never heard she had a child. Josie must decide whether or not to believe Nick’s claims of innocence all while watching her daughter fight for her life. Can she forgive and forget in order to give Nick the chance to get to know the daughter she loves more than life itself? Or will she offer grace too late?
Despite the fact that the main characters had a child out of wedlock, Lakeside Family is a sweet and unforgettable story with deep family roots and regrets that will leave your heart aching. Both Josie and Nick long to change things in their past, and the journey that follows is the tale that leads to their reunion and struggle to trust each other with their darkest secrets. This Love Inspired novel wiggled its way into my heart and kept me interested from the first page until the last.
This is Lisa Jordan’s second published novel, and I must say I’m pleased to have won it on an online giveaway. The analogies Lisa used fit right in with the character’s jobs and personalities. Her writing style makes for an easy read that appeals to multiple senses on many levels. I’m eager to see what she’s got planned for her next novel!
With most books I read, Lakeside Family provided hope and encouragement in a discouraging world. I particularly liked what Agnes told Josie on page 15: “See, that’s the great thing about faith—the more you need, the bigger it grows.” When I find myself struggling with the difficulties of life, I can remember that quote and find inspiration to push through the hardest moments. There is relief in knowing God is standing with me, and Lakeside Family is a sweet reminder of this. What inspiration will you find when you read this novel?
Please visit author Lisa Jordan on her website, www.lisajordanbooks.com, or find her on Facebook. If you\’re a fan of Love Inspired books, I know you’ll enjoy Lakeside Family. Reserve your copy today!
How do you face difficult circumstances? Do you try going it alone, or do you cling to your faith in God? Do you ask for advice from trusted family and friends?

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  1. Andrea, this was a beautiful review of Lisa's book. Not only is her writing sweet, she is, as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I'm happy I stopped by.

  2. Gabrielle, thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you visited. Though I haven't yet met Lisa in person, I've gathered through social media that she's a sweetheart. I hope you come back again soon, Gabrielle!Blessings,Andrea

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