Gone South by Meg Moseley

Tish McComb wants to be accepted. When she purchases the home of her great-great-great-grandparents, she thinks “moving to Noble would let her reconnect with her roots, and she could forge new bonds too.”* She couldn’t be more wrong. The people of Noble, Alabama snub her like the Yankee outcast she is. Deciding to give refuge and a second chance to the small southern town’s own prodigal daughter doesn’t help her make any friends, either. The only two things that save Tish from being completely isolated are her spacious garage that antique store owner George Zorbas rents from her and his late mother’s little white Maltese dog who thinks she still lives in the infamous McComb house. Will Tish finally overcome her past and find a place to fit in? Will her houseguest lay down her deceitful habits and earn her family’s respect once again? Will George risk his heart for a Yankee?
The cover of Gone South is what first snagged my interest. The auburn-haired woman facing away from the camera wears a beautiful vintage black ball gown . . . with modern-day blue jeans underneath. I was immediately intrigued by this unusual combination of clothing. Sometimes covers lead a reader on, but this one did not disappoint.
Meg Moseley crafted a tale of second chances that I could hardly put down. The historical elements perfectly enhanced the contemporary story, and the characters had deep storylines that I enjoyed figuring out along the way. Meg provided enough surprises to keep me guessing at what would happen next. This lady has made her mark on the Christian fiction market. I expect she’ll be around for a long time.
Meg Moseley may be found on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Meg-Moseley/172801566075519?fref=ts) and at her website (http://megmoseley.com/). I hope you get a chance to visit her and read one of her books. In fact, you may read chapter one of Gone South here: http://megmoseley.com/gone-south-chapter-1/.
Thank you, WaterBrook Multnomah, for my copy of Gone South to review.
Has a novel ever inspired you to try something new? Did you try and discover you didn’t have a clue what you were doing? Or did you unearth a new favorite hobby?
*Quote from page 26.

2 thoughts on “Gone South by Meg Moseley

  1. Ooohhh… hard question! After reading The Zion Chronicles I actually wanted to learn Hebrew! 🙂 I went online and found some basic courses about the Hebrew alphabet, and I may study it more in the future, but it was a great series of novels that inspired me! 🙂 Cool question to ask… made me think! Blessings, Faith Ps… I have an Ace Collins book giveaway at my blog!

  2. Hi Faith (love your name, btw!)I'm glad I got you thinking. Gone South got me thinking about my interest in bringing new life to old furniture. I don't have the shop space to do it yet, but it's definitely on my list of things to try. I did turn an old fabric-covered lunchbox-type thing into a cool shadow box that now hangs on my wall.I'll pop over and check out your giveaway in a few minutes.Have a blessed day! And best wishes for your adventures with Hebrew! :)Andrea

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