Precious Little Life

Children are so precious. I adore them. They have captured my heart, and I find myself constantly amused by them. Currently I baby-sit an infant who is around four months old. He has begun smiling and babbling. Nearly every time I talk to and play with him, he flashes me a big, gummy grin that completely lights up his entire face. Those moments truly make my day extra special. He really is an enjoyable child to take care of.

Watching him on a weekly basis is such a gift from God’s hand. You see, God long ago instilled in me a longing to be around children. All my life I’ve loved being around children of all ages. A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in a rocking chair feeding this little guy. As I was gazing into his large eyes, it occurred to me that I have been gifted a glimpse of motherhood. That, to me, is a gift I shall treasure dearly every second that I take care of this little guy.

My ultimate goal in life is to be a wife and mother, so glimpsing motherhood before I’ve even met my husband-to-be is a unique treasure. I have enjoyed feeding and changing this little guy, putting him down for naps, and even helping him strengthen his legs by holding him up and letting him push up on my lap. He’s gaining strength all the time and holding his head up really good now. It’s such a joy to see him grow and learn new things every week.

God has given me such a priceless gift. This present, this experience will add volumes to my memory bank that I use in my writing. Now I have the memories to draw upon to write touching scenes involving mothers and their young children. It\’s wonderful to have those images in mind at age 24, before I’ve even had the opportunity to experience that part of life on a personal level.

Praise be to God for granting me such a treasure that adds joy and experience to my life!

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